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The Birth of Bluestarr Grappling

Bluestarr Grappling started out as just a fun venture with a few guys who just trained together and loved the art. Our Head Coach, Sadiq Walt Daniels, started the group because he wanted to hang out, teach and train his friends so they would be safe on the streets. Before he realized, it grew into a labor of love that has grown to who we are now; helping our community growing strong, mentally disciplined youths and adults.  We are unlike any other academy you are going to experience. On and off the mats, incorporated into our curriculum we wrap in discipline of mind and body, instill confidence and empower you to be successful and confident individually and in a team.   

Senior ​Leadership

Here our AZ Head Instructor, now a 3rd Degree Black Belt Prof. Sadiq Daniels  (left), pictured with Prof. Marcelo Carvalho(right), Senior Member of GF Team California, Founder of MCABJJ and 5th Degree Black Belt who along with Prof. Israel Juarez promoted Sadiq Walt Daniels to black belt and has given him his 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. 


In our academy we instruct in both gi and no gi technique to include jiu-jitsu, wrestling, judo and sambo. 


Within these blue walls, we foster a very disciplined, but positive and successful atmosphere built to prepare the student for all activities and passions in life. 


Our upper belts are often used to assist as Junior Instructors along with our main instructor and assistant coaches whenever needed.

           Self-Discipline                 Self-Confidence              Empowerment                 Mental Fortitude                   

It is only when you finally take the leap of faith and let go do you discover your true capabilities.  It is only at that time are you READY for the next step in your grappling adventures.   Our goal is to take your talents where you never thought possible! 

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