We teach all forms of ground arts to our students:  Jiu-Jitsu, Wresting, Judo and Sambo.  Our head instructor stays up to date with all technique to give our students the best of all ground arts.  From time to time we also facilitate guest instructors in jiu-jitsu, wrestling and judo in our academy to share their knowledge.  

Teaching proper technique, respect of others as well as themselves and good sportsmanship not only sets each student on the path to success in this art but success in life! 

Our competition students routinely train 6 days a week in technique, building cardio vascular and strength.  In addition to their training most all of them keep exceptional marks in school and are encouraged to participate in other activities besides jiu-jitsu. 

Competition Team Training 

Allowing the student to compete isn't just about making the podium, it's about challenging our students to have a real understanding of what they are truly capable if they focus and set their minds to it.

Currently, we have affiliates in Phoenix, Mesa, Goodyear and El Mirage! 

Pro Edge Boxing & MMA 

   Union Combat Academy 

         High Key Jiu Jitsu 

         Deep Blue BJJ